Over four years ago we decided to start a Radio Station on a whim which has evolved and is still growing stronger than ever, even if there were a few bumps on the names. We are now set in stone with over 30 LIVE shows a week hosted by an array of amazing DJs from around the world!
DJs come and go with many starting as “Bedroom DJs”, with little experience to be discovered by some of the well known bigger stations!
Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this process, past and present, I hope we have many more years of music to come!

Along with this we also have som of the finest DJs supporting FOAM RADIO from across the world, playing HOUSE, GARAGE, RNB, HIP HOP, SOCA and Reggae … and much more 

LIVE DJ SCHEDULE Updated August 28th

FOAM RADIO is part of FOAM20, an company that works to support youth and community projects through film, radio and social networking

Est. since 2016 starting as Conscious Sounds and then to UWC, and recently to FOAM RADIO the latest change was due to merging all our brands under one umbrella and how proud and thankful that our followers always remain loyal …

each month our server updates the total listeners from the previous giving a strong indication that we are a great station with great ARTISTS …




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